11 Steps To Fixing Your Finances This Year

Here are 11 steps to fixing your finances this year. I hope you find them useful!

  1. Take stock of what you have now

  2. Decide to change your financial future

  3. Look at your expenses in the last 6 months

  4. Consolidate any debt

  5. Evaluate your financial enemies (inflation, taxes and you)

  6. Get a clear idea of what your net income will be in 2022

  7. Look at where you have been consciously or unconsciously hurting your wealth building potential, and commit to breaking those patterns

  8. Find your savings capacity

  9. Invest your savings capacity intelligently

  10. Repeat #9, ad infinitum

  11. Let your assets accumulate – and leave them alone so they may continue to grow!

I hope you find these tips useful!

Here’s to your wealth, 

Michael W. Hanna

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